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Our goal is to provide quality on time building projects

Welcome to Greenaways

building your visions

We offer tailor-made building services to cater for your building needs. As Certified, Licensed Building Practitioners, you can trust us with everything from full home renovations and extensions, to high spec architectural new builds.

What we do best;
Building new homes: We can work with your architect of choice or recommend one to you. Talk to us today about first steps to start your building project on your section. We have the flexibility to come in and start helping you at whatever stage you are at.

Small to large renovations: Renovating your home should be a pleasant and simple process. We work quickly to understand your needs and can come up with fit for purpose creative solution that fit your budget.

Specialised Engineering Design (SED): As architectural builders, many of our homes require specialised engineer designs. We work with engineers on a regular basis to overcome the many structural issues that present themselves during the build process, so you can get the design you want.

Unlike kitset home building companies, we can build bespoke personalised building projects – this means that we have the skills to deliver on any design, using any material in any environment. 

New build photo

why us?

Greenaways think out of the box when it comes to improved building solutions. Greenaways can offer ideas and concepts to enhance quality, aesthetics and durability of products and services used on your build. They are constantly researching new products and processes to improve the standard way of building in New Zealand. We strive to be the company to offer more.

Project Management

Eliminating needless delays is vital to your project’s completion. Behind the scenes, every one of our builds is run by an experienced project manager, this ensures all of our jobs run smoothly.


When you work with us you are choosing to work with a company that believes in doing things better. Luke Greenaway, will undertake a detailed consultative process to ensure that you are fully involved and have clarity about each stage of the build.


It is vitally important to have the right people for the job. Our team are handpicked to ensure superior workmanship and quality. A Qualified and Licensed builder personally oversees every aspect of your project, ensuring quality work is always carried out.

Luke Greenaway

Hello, I’m Luke Greenaway.
I have a very diverse background. I have spent 10 years in the building industry as a labourer, apprentice, carpenter, foreman, business owner and then 10 years as a military officer, specialising in leading teams and bringing people together to achieve a common goal. Why am I doing this? Because I enjoy the work and I’m good at it. There’s nothing more satisfying than a job well done and a happy customer. I am passionate and believe it is about time people got great quality and management from a building company. 

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Greenaways is proud to sponsor a family 
bedroom at Ronald McDonald House Wellington.